Even though there are some negative views about this dog breed, still Rottweiler dog has made itself to be the most popular breed in America as a pet dog. During initial times, they were used in police and military department due to their strong sense of smell. But now, as time passes by, they are becoming a top favorite pet at homes due to their loveable and friendly nature.

Pictures of Rottweiler

Physical Characteristics of Rottweiler        

The Rottweiler is a medium-to-large-sized dog. Their muscular and giant body makes them extremely powerful and furious to look at. Male Rottweiler weighs 94 and 134 pounds with a height between 24″ to 27″ at the shoulders. The male breed has a larger body frame as compared to females. Female Rottweiler weights 80 and 100 pounds with a height between 23″ to 25″ at the shoulders. Moreover, they have some tank marking around their eyes, chest, legs, muzzle, and cheeks.

rottweiler staring

Personality and Temperament

Now let’s talk about their personalities! Considering their personalities, they are extremely confident and calm dogs. They are always in a desire where they look forward to protecting their families and homes. In short, their temperature can either be too affectionate towards the person they love or extra anger on the person who is rude towards them.

Plus, they are also intelligent enough, which allows you to train them perfectly without any hassle. They are quick to pick actions.

rottweiler running in the snow

Is Rottweiler Aggressive?

Yes, they are! But they show their aggressive nature only towards those people who are rude to them or with the people who are close to them. But overall, they have an obedient, quiet, brave, faithful, easy to train, and low-tempered personality. Another best thing about Rottweiler is they have a strong understanding to figure out what is wrong and right for them with proper training. They have powerful skills in protecting your family and make an instant defence when it is required.

Never leave your dog idle because they hate it. They are not fond of sitting at one corner of the house and sleeping all the time. Some people might not be aware of the fact, but a lazy and bored Rottweiler can quickly become aggressive. So make sure you constantly involve her in some physical activities all the time. Rottweiler is available in different breed types, so each breed has its activity levels.

But it is a sad fact to know that majority of this dog breed is found in shelters. This is all due to:

  • Bad breeding
  • Mistreatment
  • Abuse from the owner
  • Lack of socialization
  • Owner moving
  • Owner’s negligence
  • Lack of training

To know more details on the Rottweiler breed and their grooming tips, visit “Dog Breed Finder” for more comprehensive information. It is just based on Rottweiler’s upbringing, which will decide how they will adjust in later life as an adult. They can easily adjust with you by providing great training and maximum socialization



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    Rottweiler is a great dog and if they are trained the right way there is no chance they will have behavioral issues.

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