The Pug dog is known to have very unique features such as a squishy face and a curly tail. And, they are very playful, friendly and sassy dogs with a good sense of humor that charms everybody. That is to say, they are great family dogs and they get along well with children and other pets.

Pictures of the Pug


Pugs are originally from China and they have many names around the world such as Mopshond in the Netherlands. And, mops in Germany, and Dutch or Chinese pugs in England. The word Pug comes from the Latin word pugnus, which means a fist, that is because their head looks like a fist. Also, some claim the pug name came from the pug monkey that looks like a pug. In addition, they are descendants of the mastiff forebears. Although there were changes in their characteristics, they still retain many of them from their mastiff ancestors. They are an ancient breed and one of several miniature breeds that came from the Far East. Centuries ago, they were the Tibetan Buddhists’ favorite type of dog. In 1572, a pug sounded the alarm bell, freeing Prince William from the upcoming Spanish soldiers, and permanently associated the dog breed with the Royal Orange. Napoleon’s spouse had a pug, and they were the royal companions of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. During the times of Victorian England, pugs were the latest trend in canine fashion. And, you can find many of them in the paintings of that era.

Size and Life Span of the Pug

The Weight of Both the Pugs’ Females and Males is roughly between 14 – 18 pounds. And, they are 10 – 14 inches tall standing. Also, their Life Span is 12 – 15 years of age.

The Personality of the Pug

Pugs are bred as companions, and this is what they do best. Pugs are eager to express their love, and also eager to get your thighs. And, you do not reward their dedication, they will be very unhappy. They are sassy and silly dogs that like to make their owners happy with their charming personalities. Their temperament varies due to many factors, including genetics, training, and social interaction. As puppies, they are curious and playful, and friendly around people. Also, they are usually great with children and with other pets. That is to say, it is important to socialize them when they are young.

Training and Exercise

Puppy training classes are very important at an early age. And, it will not be so hard as the pug is a very smart dog, and they tend to do well with proper training. Also, It may take you some time to potty train a pug, but with the consistency of training, you can do it. Pugs are also excellent candidates for obedience training. And, apart from jumping, this training is suitable for their energy level and does not require much physical strength. Also, Obedience training for a pug is not too difficult. Their muzzle is short, so they may not be suitable for agility type of training. That is to say, every pug is different from one another. And, there may be Pugs that are excellent at agility.


The Pugs often have eye problems such as and dry eye and also corneal ulcers. Pugs may also face many other health problems, including back problems, epilepsy, and allergies. Also, they tend to have hip dysplasia and luxating patella issues. That is to say, we at Dog Breeds Finder recommend using Dog Leg Braces to help with those conditions. Various skin conditions can affect pugs, such as yeast infections, staphylococcal infections. They may experience encephalitis which is an inflammation of the brain. And, unfortunately, there is no known cause or test that identifies it. That is to say, It makes them spin around, become blind, then fall into a coma and die. In addition, they may have difficulty breathing. Also, pugs do not like hot, sunny, and humid weather. And, they do not do well in those conditions.

Grooming a Pug

The pug’s coat is short and smooth, and it requires very little maintenance. However, the pug still sheds. Brushing them with a medium brush every week will help remove loose hair and keep their coat in a good condition. You do not need to bathe them unless they happen to enter a particularly messy place or start to emit a dog odor. You need to trim their nails regularly because having them too long will make the pug feel uncomfortable.


The daily amount of food that is ideal for them is half to one cup of high-quality dry food a day. And, It is best to split it into two meals. Also, the amount of food that an adult dog eats depends on its size, age, body type, metabolism, and activity level. The quality of the dog food you get for them counts a lot and the better the food is, it will have a better effect on their health. The thing they love the most is human attention, and the second thing that they love is food which they love eating all the time. That is to say, they sometimes have no limit when it comes to food. Therefore, you need to feed them with the right amount of food and encourage them to exercise.

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