If you are looking for an all-rounder dog, then a poodle is the right choice for you. It will keep you entertained because it has the right skills. We consider it to be the most impressive dog full of different talents. We have compiled a quick guide for all the dog owners who are looking for a perfect pooch to adopt.

Read on to know which talent makes it the best choice for the dog’s owners.

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Poodle – A Brief History

It owns a royal attitude and has been a part of the royal families, having deep historical significance. Been the star of gatherings for a long time, it has a separate charm. It has deep roots in France because it is France’s national dog. It started to develop over 400 years ago as a fetching water pooch. Donning a silky, straggly coat as a protection shield, exceptional ability to swim, and mind-blowing intellect, it has been and will always be known as a majestic retriever. It will be a treat to own this dog because it is indeed a genius.

What Makes It the Best Choice?

If you inquire about a dog owner’s favorite choice to adopt a dog, you will be surprised to see how many people are voting for Poodle as their ultimate choice. It is known to be very loyal, small in stature, cute, and affectionate towards the family members. If you are looking for a family dog, a poodle is the ultimate best choice to go for. You will instantly adore it because it is indeed adorable. It will be neat and well fine in looks because they have a low tendency to shed.

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Traits and Specialties

It is a very loving and affectionate dog. We assure you that it will become an imperative part of your household within no time. Being family and kid-friendly, it is the best choice. It will keep you on your toes because it is quite athletic as well as active. If you are looking for a long-term companion, adopt a poodle. This type of dog is very easy to train and teach various tricks. Since they love to swim, that is why they are the happiest when they are in the water. Being the best swimmer, water attracts them.

Physical Details

The lifespan of a poodle is around twelve to fifteen years on the whole. Talking about the height, Poodles, on average, are about ten to over twenty-two inches tall. The average weight of a poodle is around six to seventy pounds. Poodles exist in three different sizes, namely standard, toy and miniature.

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Health and Grooming

As a dog owner, always ensure to treat your poodle with the best quality dog food. This breed of dog requires regular exercise to keep fit. Many dogs from this breed tend to get fat or overweight, so it becomes imperative to make sure that you are helping them be fit and well-maintained. Monitor your poodles’ calorie intake to ensure a healthy weight.

Poodles need regular grooming to keep their fur from matting. Always ensure to regularly comb their fur up to the skin. If you are adept at trimming and clipping your dog, do it by yourself or take a professional’s help to do so. The poodle has a tendency to not shed hair too much, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for regular grooming.

So, all in all, if you are seeking to adopt a perfect pooch, a poodle will prove to be the best choice for you. You are surely going to get attached to your new pooch within no time. You will for sure be in love with it because it is indeed lovable. If you need to know anything else, “Dog Breed’s Finder” is here to help. Also, you can follow our Facebook Page. Check out more interesting Breeds such as Border Collie on our site.

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