The Labrador retriever is famous by the name of Labrador. This dog breed is not just one of the most recognized ones, but at the same time, it is always the first preference of the house owners to keep them as a dog pet. You will find this dog breed different from others due to its hazel eyes and being friendly. In short, Labrador retriever is the most trustworthy dog friend which you will have by your side.

Pictures of Labrador Retriever

Behind the Origin of Labrador retriever

Evident from the name itself, Labrador is the dog name derives from the Canadian region. This dog breed came from America and is the most demanding breed in the early 20th century.

What are the Physical characteristics of a Labrador retriever?

It has been known that Labrador is heavy due to its muscular and larger body. They weigh around 40kg. If we talk about their physical appearance, they have strong jaws, pointed wide heads, big noses, and have huge nostrils, which are black in a rounded shape. Plus, their eyes are extremely deep and gentle in hazel and brown colour shades, with the ears in precise shape. Their ears are soft and rounded in a triangular shape. Besides, their coat is available in three different colours, i.e. chocolate brown, black and honey-coloured. They have fur which is short and glossy. You will be seeing Labrador retriever spending their quality time in outdoor space, due to which their undercoat is waterproof and thick. Another exciting thing about their physical characteristics is their tail which is quite similar to an otter. They can easily swim with the support of their tail. To know more details about Labrador or other dog breeds, visit “Dog Breed Finder” for more comprehensive information.

Character and Behaviour of Labrador retriever

It would not be wrong to say that Labrador is an incredible dog breed. They are extremely friendly with your kids and won’t harm them at any point. Some of the helping hand organizations also use this dog breed as a service dog for disabled or blind people. You will also find a prominent use of Labrador in rescue or security agencies. By looking at the Labrador for at least 5 minutes, you will witness the beauty of intelligence and sweetness they have in their behaviour. They are always unique, looking due to their delightful and happy nature, even with strangers.

Interesting Facts

You might not be aware of the fact, but Labrador has an incredible sense of smell. They love to swim all the time. Furthermore, a Labrador is always active in physical activities and exercises, due to which they often suffer the health issues of obesity and osteoarthritis. The Labrador retriever is a moderately fast-maturing dog breed. An adult Labrador has a height from 6 to 12 months, which can fill almost 2 years. Most of the labs can reach between 12-13 years of age.



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