If you are looking for a loyal companion, then a German Shepherd is the one for you. It is not only friendly and agile but is quite lovable too. It loves to be around people and staying active. Many pet owners instantly prefer it because of its unique qualities. Don’t worry; we have listed down everything for you here. We are here with a complete guide about German Shepherds. Read on to know more about this amazing furry creature.

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German Shepherd – A Brief Introduction

We know a German Shepherd to be the all-rounder of the species. It is an active species of the dog with a muscular and large body. We regard it as the most intelligent and sharp dog because of its quick reflexes. Considered to be the very favorite of dog owners due to its multiple qualities. Talking about loyalty and courageousness, these qualities are engraved in a German Shepherd. If you are looking for a perfect and genius pet, then a German Shepherd is the right choice for you. It resembles a wolf in so many ways and is quite graceful to look at. Physical and training exercises are mandatory to keep these dogs mentally and physically healthy. 

How to Take Care of a German Shepherd

German Shepherd is known to be the easiest-going and fun dog to have. Since they are always active and jumpy, you need to be considerate of their well-being. Never abandon your furry friend, cage it, or force it to sit idle for long. We know these to be quite high intelligence dogs; that is why they require special care. They love to be around the family, surrounded by people. Always avoid leaving them or abandoning them for long because it makes them anxious. Ensure to provide a balanced diet that keeps it in great health. Play, run around, and have fun with the man’s best friend. Keep it close to you, no matter what. Never cage your dog; let it roam free. You are going to fall in love with this friend of yours.

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Weight and Size and Life Expectancy

The average weight of a German shepherd fluctuates between seventy-five to around ninety-five pounds. Talking about the height, it stands one foot and ten inches to two feet tall, or two inches long at the side of the shoulder. It has a pretty significant life expectancy and can survive for up to ten to fourteen years. Since it is a large dog, make sure to monitor the dog’s physical health. Also, this dog breed makes continuous and extravagant use of its muscles. Ensure to go on regular walks and carry out exercise sessions. Veterinarians highly recommend mental stimulation and physical training exercises. In addition, Some German Shepherds suffer from degenerative myelopathy and the use of a Dog Hock Brace is very helpful.

Overall Temperament

Overall, a German Shepherd is the perfect choice of dog to be kept at home. It is quite easygoing and tolerated a lot of things. Your kids are going to love it as it is completely kid-friendly and loved to socialize. It is very affectionate with the owners and keeps them entertained. We consider it being a mouthy dog because it loves to use its mouth. You will often notice it playfully chewing and biting at things around you. We know it to be one of the best dogs to play the game of “Go fetch it.” 

It has an amplified tendency of playfulness and is known to be quite an active breed of dogs. In addition, the energy levels of this breed are mostly always skyrocketing, and it can hardly sit idle for long. Just like the other dogs, it too has the tendency to howl or bark. But, if we eliminate the reason for the inconvenience, it instantly calms down. We know it to be a “Herding Dog,” and hence, it justifies all the above qualities and features of its personality. It is going to keep you on your toes for good. You are going to enjoy every minute spent with this friend of yours. Make sure to take good care of your furry mate; never abandon it.

We can say that this species of Dog is one of the best ones to pet. If you are looking for some additional information, check out “Dog’s Breed Finder” and know everything about this and more breeds of dogs. In case you are looking for a loyal, fun pet to adopt, you will find every piece of information here.

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