Pictures of French Bulldog

The History of the French Bulldog

If you swipe back to the past years, you will see that the French Bulldog has enjoyed a popularity no other dog has reached. From fulfilling the duty of being the icebreakers in the past times to being Royal’s favorite pet, a French Bulldog is a significant part of history. They are the best choice if you are planning to get a pet for your apartment because they are a lot of silent compared to the other breeds. 

The Story of French Bulldog

 Bat-eared and therefore stunningly compelling, the French Bulldog possesses both a special identity and a unique charm. French Bulldogs appear to be the master of certain qualities that mark this breed as one of the preeminent companion dogs, not even in the past days, but even now. Also, The French Bulldogs have always been the most fantastic companions and family pets of friendly nature. If you work at home, your little pooch would be more than thrilled and willing to roll around your feet the whole day. They will keep following you playfully around the house, from room to room. 

Size and Life Span

 The average life span of this breed varies from 11 to 14 years. Still, it involves a lot of additional factors that should be taken into consideration. But, on average, your puppy will survive this long if taken proper care of. This breed is though small and miniature in size but has quite a muscular body. Normally, this breed is almost eleven to twelve inches tall at the shoulder and weighs around sixteen to twenty-eight pounds.


While compiling a diet plan for your Frenchie, make sure to incorporate the highest quality animal protein from the following sources for ample nourishment: Poultry Meat Fish Make sure that you are choosing a diet full of all essential nutrients.

french bulldog in a butterfly costume


Since this breeds sheds and drools a lot, you will have to groom it regularly.

How to Care for a French Bulldog

This breed requires constant human companionship and attention. If you fail to be with your pooch or leave it alone for long, it can be quite stressful for your furry friend. And, in this case, we recommend using a Thunder Vest for Dogs to help reduce the stress.


This breed is very friendly, affectionate, homey, and loves to be around humans. Stubborn in nature, it can be quite difficult to train at times. Your kids are going to love their new pet.

The Health of a French Bulldog

Your French Bulldog will not require too much exercise. But, it is imperative for you to take your puppy around the surrounding area for a walk; it will prevent it from gaining excess weight. Make sure to train your dog since they often start developing behavioral issues if left unsupervised. Heat is one of the worst foes of this breed, so make sure that you are keeping your French bulldog in a safe, cool, and well-monitored temperature, even on the hottest of Summer days.

If you need any additional information about your pup, head over to “Dog Breed Finder” for more comprehensive information.

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