Dachshund is the most favourable one among different favourite dog breeds due to its small size and adorable appearance. According to the American Kennel Club, this dog breed is the 11th most popular dog globally. Being so much adorable looking and having a sausage body build, this dog breed is unique from other breeds due to their coat characteristics. You will find their coat available in different patterns and colour combinations.

Pictures of Dachshund

List of Different Colors and Patterns of a Dachshund

Here we have discussed a few of them below, which you probably don’t know about. Let’s have a look!



This is a common coat marking in Dachshund, which happens due to the merle gene. In this pattern, one colour spot will appear on the coat of another colour. The size of the spot will vary from large foci to specks. Hence the overall distribution is quite random, which spreads all over the body. Merle gene can also cause specific health issues in Dachshunds, such as eye problems or progressive blindness.


Sable coat pattern is a rare coat type that is found in just a few Dachshund breeds. You will find markings all over the body which start from the endpoints of their fur. There are some localized markings on their hair roots. Most people love to have Dachshund as a pet with such a coat pattern.


Dachshund puppy in the beach

Piebald (Non-standard)

This coat pattern is because of the piebald gene. This gene is quite recessive, which means that you need to have 2 piebalds or the carriers of the variation to produce one. You will find this coat pattern to be exceedingly common on smooth, long, and short-haired Dachshunds. The colour of the base coat is white or cream. Darker spots will randomly appear all over their body in brown, black, and tan colours.

Brindle Piebald (Non-standard)

This coat pattern is a combination one which occurs in a dog with both piebald and brindle gene. It is quite a lot rare to found in Dachshund dog breeds. In this coat pattern, dogs will get both brindle strips and piebald marking on their white coat. Stripes are well-defined and are not too much longer.

2 Dachshund puppies playing

Albino (Non-standard)

This rare coat colour on the Dachshund is quite similar to the lighter hues of cream and white. Therefore, the markings on the coat are equally light and are not visible. Albinism happens due to the complete absence of pigmentation. They have a coat colour that is uniformly pale white. Plus, they have rare blue eyes, and paw pads are also pink. Most vet experts even associate this coat pattern with certain health issues such as skin cancer or sunburn.


Last we have brindle! A Dachshund with such a coat pattern is also famous by the name of tiger doxies. This is all due to the stripe marking on their entire coat. To know more details on the Dachshund grooming tips, visit “Dog Breed Finder” for more comprehensive information. The whole pattern is available in a lighter base which can be cream, tan or red. Plus, stripes, on the other hand, are often darker, and they can be in a combination of chocolate or black colour.



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