Chihuahua is an incredibly charming dog breed of small size and big personality. The reason why this dog breed looks so much different from others is due to its availability in different coat colors and types. They are powerful enough to actively take part in various dog sports, including obedience and agility. Hence, this dog breed is one of the most recommended watchdogs by experts.

Pictures of Chihuahua

Size of Chihuahua

Their typical weight is around 4-6 pounds. Due to their smaller body size, they are not too healthy-looking. Some of the Chihuahua breeds can even reach a body weight of 12 pounds or even more. If your kid loves to play with dogs all the time, then this is the best choice for you!

black and white chihuahua dogs

Personality of Chihuahua

By looking at this dog breed for the first time, you will get a feeling of being confident and boldness which they have in their personality. They have some sort of alert nature and get suspicious of strangers very quickly. This is the main reason that keeping them as watchdog is the best choice. He even thrives and gets sensitive to companionship and affection.

The best thing about Chihuahua’s personality is that they are willing to become friends with everyone. They might stay reserved with an unknown person in the initial stages, but later on, they get enough socialized just like puppies.

In short, similar to the rest of the dog breeds, Chihuahuas are always looking for early socialization. They love to explore various sights, sounds, people and experienced them during their young age.

Feeding Instructions

When it comes to feeding, then the recommended daily amount has to be 1/4 to 1/2 cups of healthy dry food per day. The amount of food which they are eating will be based on their size, metabolism, build, and their activity level. Always remember that the amount of healthy food you are feeding to your Chihuahua will bring a huge difference in their nutrition level.

cute small pup

Coat Color and Care Instructions

As we have already mentioned in the beginning that Chihuahuas are unique looking due to their different coat color. Their coat is available in two types such as long and smooth. The smooth coating has a shiny and smooth fur on its top, which is thick enough. Due to the smooth coat type, they have longer hair on their neck and have thinner ears.

As regards the long coat is concerned, it is equally soft and slightly curly. But ears have a small fringe of hair and have a plumed tail that spreads out. They are dirty most of the time, so regular bathing is mandatory for them to stay healthy.

Similar to the rest of the smaller breeds, they are often prone to poor dental health. But regularly brushing their teeth can let their teeth stay healthy. Brush the teeth at least twice times in a week. Daily brushing will remove bacteria or any tartar. To know more details about other dog breeds and their grooming tips, visit “Dog Breed Finder” for more comprehensive information. Also, you can follow us on Facebook.



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