The dog can teach us loyalty and cheer us up just by being glad to see us at home. Each breed is unique, but love for their human friend makes them similar to each other. Of course, the pet must recognize your authority, because you are the main one in your relationship. However, when you make contact with your dog, you perceive it as a family member. Do not doubt, it has the same opinion of you. We would like to tell you some interesting information about Border Collie as a family pet. This breed has many positive characteristics. Therefore, it is likely that after reading the article, you would be looking for where you can buy a puppy of this breed. Let’s start!

Pictures of Border Collie

Border Collie: Breed Info

  • Height: male dog — 20-22 inches, female dog — 18-20 inches;
  • Weight: male dog — 35-55 pounds, female dog — 30-45 pounds;
  • Temperament: playful and friendly;
  • Coat: medium length with black or white color;
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years;
  • Breed for: sheep herder.

History of Border Collie

It is a well-known fact that dogs were used to guard and graze sheep. The farms still adhere to this tradition. Between Scotland and England, these abilities of dogs were especially appreciated. Therefore, it is not surprising that there was a process of crossing herding dogs with each other in order to obtain new types of breed. They combined many excellent qualities. However, it should be noted that the characteristics of their types depended on the work they performed and the area of residence. 

So, what were Border Collies bred for? They were bred for sheep herder. When it comes to Border Collies, the name itself reflects their partial Scottish origin. After all, the word “Collie” refers to shepherd dogs. Queen Victoria fell in love with this breed and became one of the initiators of their wide population. How did it happen? In 1860 there was a dog show at which the Scottish Shepherd Dogs were presented. 

The responsible mission for the population of these dogs was undertaken by R.J. Lloyd Price. Therefore, it is believed that the origin of Border Collie is the United Kingdom. The official recognition of the breed was in 1995. Experts from all over the world have recognized the high working qualities of these dogs for several hundred years. You will learn all about Border Collies in modern realities below.

dog sitting down on pile of wood


The Border Collies have shown themselves to be very loyal, hardworking, and active dogs. They despise the passive type of rest. They love physical activity and outdoor games. This is to be expected, given that their ancestors were herding dogs. However, in order to reveal Border Collie’s personality, wearers must also make an effort to nurture them.

The Temperament of a Border Collie

If you are looking for a dog with a peaceful disposition, the Border Collie is a perfect choice. This breed always prefers doing some responsible assignment or intense training in the fresh air. Work for these dogs is not a routine, but the meaning of life, so you should not try to transform an energetic pet into an amateur to lie on the couch. If you are not sure that you would have enough time for your dog, then it is better to take a closer look at a less active breed. 

The Border Collie’s behaviour is not aggressive. However, mistrust of strangers is still present. But these dogs love children. You would find not only a faithful friend but a being who would love you just for what you are. Border Collies quickly and easily become attached to their owner. And if you show concern in return, then every day the bond between you would be stronger.

What about Border Collie Behavior during Training?

Constant training must be present in the life of Border Collies. This is one of the few breeds that you don’t need to endlessly stimulate with tasty treats to practice a simple skill. Yet discipline and perseverance in puppies are poorly developed. Therefore, it may be difficult for you in the beginning. Do you want some interesting Border Collie facts? The owners of such dogs should provide them with full-fledged jogging with games and difficult tasks for quick wits and agility. They understand human language well and understand the meaning of many words. So you can use this feature during the game. 

Usually, puppies of this breed are ready to learn the simplest commands at the age of 3-4 months. You can train and educate a pet yourself, by trial and error, or you can entrust this matter to a professional. The advantages of the second option are obvious: the animal quickly masters the basic set of skills, and the owner saves their own time and nerves.

4 sheep dogs on the barn

Border Collie: Adult Size

Dogs are well muscled. The average weight of Border Collies does not exceed 30-55 pounds. Males are bigger than females, the standard female Border Collie height is 18-20 inches, a male —  20-22 inches.

Colors of Border Collies

There are no restrictions on the colors. However, the priority for Border Collies is still considered black with white spots or tan, chocolate with light tan, white, and blue or marble markings. White markings are usually found on the forehead, chest, legs, and tail and may be mottled. An interesting fact is that if the white color is dominant, such dogs are not allowed to participate in exhibitions.

Coat Types

Dogs of the Border Collie breed can be either smooth-haired or moderately long-haired. Both varieties have a soft, springy undercoat that acts as a warming and water-repellent coat. Unlike smooth-haired, long-haired individuals can boast of the presence of a lush neck “collar” and fluffy “panties”. Some dogs may have so-called “feathers” on the back of the forelegs. In this case, the muzzle, ears, and the frontal part of the forelimbs should have smooth and short hair.

border collie with a toy in its mouth

Border Collie Health Issues and Care

The average lifespan of a Border Collie is 10-15 years which is about the average lifetime of a dog. This breed has good genes and rarely gets sick. However, diseases may include osteochondritis, retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy. Some dogs may have a congenital eye abnormality, often leading to blindness. It is possible to identify an animal affected by this ailment as early as 10 weeks of age, so in no case skip routine examinations with a veterinarian and do the necessary vaccinations. 

It is extremely rare, but there is a risk of problems with the thyroid gland. This can increase the rate of hair loss. Since they are active dogs, they are not at risk of obesity. But if the owner does not pay enough attention to active games and overfeeds the pet, then obesity is possible. If you want your dog to live a long, active and happy life, then you need to provide the right care.

Border Collie Care

The ideal habitat for Border Collies is a country house or farm, where nothing would limit the activity of the animal. The maintenance in apartments also takes place, but only on condition of good walking. Molting is very abundant. It is required to comb the dog during this period at least once every two days. Otherwise, you would have to deal with mats. In the interval between molts, it is enough to do this procedure once a week. 

They love to swim in open water, but they feel uncomfortable in the bathroom. You should wash your dog using a special shampoo no more than once every 1-2 months. Claws are cut once a month. If the pet leads an active street life, this procedure can be neglected, because during jogging and training, the claw plate is simply erased. Don’t forget to brush the dog’s teeth and ears. 

Whatever the purpose of reading this article is, looking for border collie names, studying the basic characteristics of the breed or curiosity — we are glad that we were able to entertain you. The Border Collie is an excellent representative among dogs that display the qualities that we so often admire: kindness, love, and devotion.



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