Being strikingly aristocratic, Bernese mountain dog is famous for being the most attractive Swiss working dog. They have a sturdy and strong build body has a friendly disposition with a soft silk coat in a thick underlay. These dog breeds are loved by so many people due to their loveable and cherish nature.

Pictures of Bernese Mountain Dog

The personality of Bernese mountain dog

These dogs are considered to be good-natured pets who love to socialize even with other pets. In short, they make a great companion with others very easily. Another best thing about their personality is their patient and affectionate nature, where they are protective towards your kids against any attack.

Those Dogs bark when they see a stranger coming towards your house door. Upon barking 4-5 times, they will settle down calmly. Whether you have a cat or other household animal already in your house, Bernese Mountain dog knows how to settle with them in a happy and friendly zone.

Common Health Issues in Bernese mountain dog

A Bernese mountain dog gets into numerous health issues, which are quite common in every dog. But they are more prone to rare and aggressive cancer. Any mountain dog suffering from aggressive cancer has a short life span. Similar to the rest of the dog breeds, they even suffer from hip dysplasia which causes certain mobility issues. Using a Dog Hock Brace can help with this situation.

bernese mountain dog in the flowers field

Exercise Requirements of Bernese mountain dogs

For both puppies and an adult dog, exercise plays a vital role to build their joints and bones strong and healthy. Once they get used to heavy exercises, you can freely allow them to perform some free-running exercise. Being an adult, a Bernese mountain dog should exercise at least for an hour daily.

Space Requirements

A large space is an excellent choice for Bernese Mountain dogs. Having a giant and muscular body will require enough space for sitting or sleeping comfortably. That is to say, a large space is mandatory for the dog breeds with tails on a coffee-table height.

Nutrition and Routine of Feeding

As Bernese Mountain Dog has a giant body, so it is obvious that their appetite will be giant as well. You can balance their appetite and body system by serving them with food items rich in Vitamins and Minerals. They do play an important role to support your dog’s cartilage and joint needs. And, they can also face some health issues of the stomach and bloating. So to better deal with this health problem, make sure you feed them in smaller quantities. Frequent and smaller meals will minimize the absolute risk.

bernese mountain dog at the beach

Grooming Tips for Bernese Mountain Dogs

To keep your dog tangle-free and to reduce the shedding, make sure you groom them daily. In addition, trim the hair between their pads at a routine.

Similar Bernese mountain dog Breeds

  • Leonberger
  • Newfoundland
  • Saint Bernard

When it comes to training a mountain dog, they are relatively easy and smooth to work on. You need to work a little on their training to let them know some basic and reliable tricks to protect themselves from danger. Otherwise, they fully know how to protect their close ones from any danger.

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